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Our Partnership with the Professional Cosmetologist
Drs. Joe & Eunice Dudley started this company for you – the professional cosmetologist. They felt by developing, distributing and selling a quality line of professional and retail products, your business would have the potential to grow beyond your wildest dream. You would be servicing your clients with the best products in the industry and build a foundation for financial freedom.

Thank you for your loyalty and commitment. We promise the best is yet to come.

Dudley’s Professional Product Line
The following products are sold directly to cosmetologists and are for professional use only. If you are a licensed cosmetologist, you may order products by calling us directly at: 1.888.573.8210.

Our line of relaxers straighten while strengthening and replenish nutrients normally lost during this chemical process.

1. True Indulgence (TI) Relaxer System
Naturally infused with shea butter and essential oils for a dramatic difference you and your clients can see and feel…with no irritation.

  • TI Balancing Shampoo Neutralizer Stabilizes, moisturizes, strengthens and removes relaxer residue, restoring hair to its normal pH. Leaves hair smooth and silky. 32 fl oz
  • TI Bonding Reform Neutralizer
    Supplies the hair with balanced moisture and nutrients, as well as lowers the pH of the hair to its proper level. It also closes the cuticle and fortifies the hair with just the right amount of protein and hydration. 32 fl oz
  • TI Relaxer – Mild, Regular, Super
    An intricate balance of conditioners, essential oils and shea butter infused in a sodium hydroxide relaxer formula. Three strengths allow you to choose the performance you need. Mild for fine or color treated hair
    Regular for normal hair Super for resistant hair
    4.2 lbs

2. No Base Permanent Crème Relaxer System

  • Permanent Crème Relaxer – Mild, Regular, Super
    Conditions while it relaxes the hair. Two built-in conditioners protect the hair shaft and scalp from damage during relaxing and enhance sheen and softness. 52 oz
  • Neutralizing Shampoo
    Neutralizes, conditions and has a built-in stabilizer. 32 fl oz
  • Neutralizing Shampoo – Sensitive Scalp Formula
    Neutralizes while it instantly soothes the scalp and relieves irritation often associated with scalp abrasions. 32 fl oz, Gallon

3. Sensitive Scalp Relaxer System

  • Sensitive Scalp Crème Relaxer Kit
    -Sensitive Scalp Creme Relaxer – 8 Applications
    Enriched with oils that reduce hair damage and scalp irritation. Penetrates and conditions while the bonds in the hair are being chemically altered. 4 oz
    -Sensitive Scalp Liquid Activator
    Forms the active relaxer product, guanidine hydroxide, when mixed with the Sensitive Scalp Creme Relaxer. 8 fl oz
    Kit also includes: 2 Mixing Cups and Instructions
  • Sensitive Scalp Balancing Shampoo
    This shampoo has a built-in color indicator and is formulated to gently cleanse the hair of debris and chemical residue without disturbing the hair’s moisture and oil balances. 32 fl oz
  • Sensitive Scalp Stabilizing Reconstructor
    Returns hair to its normal pH, closes the cuticle as it fortifies and enriches the hair with moisture lost during the relaxing process. 32 fl oz

Semi-Permanent & Permanent Colors
Be creative as you like with Dudley’s exciting semi-permanent and permanent colors that leave hair vibrant and healthy!

  • Fantastic Colors | 11 Shades
    Conditions the hair while adding temporary to semi-permanent color. Easy and safe to use and free of harsh additives like ammonia and peroxide. With shades, you can mix and create a variety of exciting colors! Available in Raspberry, Matador Red, Primrose Yellow, Regal Blue, Blank Clear, Deep Plum Red, Ginger, Sunset Orange, Sienna Brown, Natural Black and X-Treme Red 8 fl oz
  • Levels™ Permanent Colors | 8 Shades
    Levels™ is a one step haircolor system that deposits rich color into the hair shaft, creating permanent, true-to-color results. These luxurious colors cover the spectrum from true medium blonde (Level 6) to black (Level 1) with a developer that leaves hair in its healthiest state. 2 oz
    Available in Natural Black, Rich Dark Brown, Brilliant Auburn, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Bronze, Flaming Auburn and Honey Blonde.

DRC 28 Hair Treatment & Fortifier
An advanced hair treatment and fortifier that detects and repairs the damaged areas in all hair types. 16 fl oz

Fantastic Body Setting Lotion – Concentrated
Creates body, natural sheen and a firm set without flaking or static.
16 fl oz

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